Professional Advisors

Through Community Foundations of Canada, we are able to offer advice and tools to help you, as professional advisors and estate planning advisors, to enhance and personalize the service you provide to your clients. Community foundations believe that as a professional advisor, you play an important role in providing opportunities for your clients to achieve their charitable wishes. The Brant Community Foundation looks forward to working with you and your clients.

The Following are some advantages to using the Brant Community Foundation that will be of particular interest to your clients:

  • college-studentsDonors are able to specify one specific charity that they would like to support in perpetuity or several charitable organizations or causes can be provided for with a single gift.
  • The donor can specify a cause without having to name a particular organization.
  • During the donor’s lifetime, he/she may be part of the grant-making decision process.
  • The donor can rest assured that the fund will be professionally managed even if the designated beneficiary may not have financial expertise.
  • The donor can be confident that after his/her lifetime, the specified cause or organization will only be varied if it ceases to be viable or to serve a useful purpose.
  • The donor can rest assured that the fund will remain intact in perpetuity.
  • The donor can remain anonymous.

Note: minimum fund amounts apply

Community Foundations of Canada has produced an e-resource for professional advisors.