Why Brant Community Foundation


Donors give to the Brant Community Foundation because:

We are local.
We have deep roots in the community. We are a locally sustained registered charity existing for the benefit of donors and other charities in Brantford and Brant County.

We make a permanent difference.
Gifts to the Brant Community Foundation continue working long into the future. The Brant Community Foundation was built to last. Donors can feel secure that our staff, volunteers, and investments are organized to strengthen our community in perpetuity.

We know philanthropy in Brantford and Brant County.
We offer donors help in identifying effective ways to aid the community you call home. We can help you direct your giving to target specific problems (e.g. youth, saving the environment, or arts and culture) or to respond to changing needs as they arise.

We can ensure anonymity.

We make complicated gifts easy.
We help donors make gifts in a cost and time effective way. It is not always efficient or feasible to establish a scholarship program or private foundation. We are able to accept a variety of assets and help donors to leave a legacy.