Frequently Asked Questions

How do Community Foundations relate to other non-profit and philanthropic organizations in my community?

Community Foundations are locally-run public foundations that build and manage endowment funds to support charitable activities in their area.

What is the role of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC)?

Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is the national membership organization for Canada’s Community Foundations. Its programs, activities and services are shaped by its members and are designed to support the three main roles of Community Foundations. CFC was founded in 1992.

Does Brant Community Foundation provide funding for community groups?

The Brant Community Foundation supports a wide range of local initiatives through their grant making programs – from health, education and social services to arts, culture, recreation and the environment.

How can I get involved in the Community Foundation movement?

There are many different ways to support the Brant Community Foundation. You can become a donor, volunteer your skills and services, or support an ongoing project. To find out about opportunities, contact the Brant Community Foundation.

Who can contribute?

Anyone! Individuals, Families, Corporations, Governments, Organizations, even a group of friends. As diverse as the donors may be, all can find a home for their charitable legacy with the Brant Community Foundation. Making a gift to the Brant Community Foundation is your opportunity to make a tangible, enduring contribution to support charitable activities in the community…forever! You can be sure your gift will always be safeguarded and be used in the way you have chosen.

Who benefits?

The ultimate answer is … our community. There are many groups and worthy causes within our community which could be assisted by the Foundation. If you have a specific interest, however, you can direct funds to a comprehensive range of needs from social services, education, arts and culture, health care, recreation, the environment, community development or religious organizations. The choice is yours!

How does it work?

The Brant Community Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, volunteers from Brantford and Brant County. The Foundation relies heavily on the generous donation of time and talent offered by professionals such as lawyers, accountants, and media specialists. These volunteers invest the gifts which are pooled in a permanent capital trust fund. The income from these invested funds is allocated each year, with the capital of each gift kept in perpetuity. This ensures that future resources will be available for the betterment of our community.

Who looks after the investments?

A group of experienced and dedicated community leaders have assumed responsibility for the investment of all assets managed by the Brant Community Foundation. Under their careful management and the assistance of a national investment management firm, the resources of the Foundation will continue to grow. You can be secure in the knowledge that your donation will be permanently invested and safely guarded for the future.

How can I participate?

You can choose the fund or gift that suits you. You may:

  • create a named or family fund
  • leave a bequest
  • give a life insurance policy
  • make a tribute donation
  • make a cash contribution
  • establish a charitable remainder trust
  • create a corporate endowment

All of the above can be designated for a particular type of charity or cause, or donated to our Community Fund where the changing needs of this community can be assessed and met.

Is my gift tax deductible?

A receipt for tax purposes will be issued for every donation received. This includes gifts of cash, securities and bequests, as well as gifts of life insurance and trusts. Of particular advantage is the gift of securities which have acquired significant capital appreciation. Our charitable registration is: 88356 4494 RR0001.